Carriage House

Carriage House 1

Designed as a Carriage House, our Princeton architects put emphasis on detail and trim work to enhance the exterior. The breezeway connection to the house features columns and decorative brackets.

Carriage House 2

Our Princeton Design Build Team created this unique space to serve as a showcase for the owners' unique and varied collection of outdoor player pianos.

Carriage House 3

The lofty interior is designed to meet the acoustical requirements of the player pianos.

Carriage House 4

Noteworthy features include the uniquely stained concrete floor and the central cupola that fills the space with natural light.

Carriage House 5

The glass cupola and decorative weather vane enhance the aesthetic of the roof. The cupola serves as a light source for the main interior space.

Carriage House 6

The carriage style garage door make it easy to move the pianos in and out of the front work space.